Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Christmas Book Basket

Whether you're ready for it or not, Christmas is less than a month away. That means it's okay for me to start writing posts about it, right?

The folks around Regina have been on a Christmas kick for weeks! We saw the first Christmas lights coming on ages ago. At first it seemed ridiculously early for such things until you realize the wisdom behind it: no one wants to be out hanging Christmas lights in the bitter cold so the smart ones get it done before the snow flies! Genius!

With all the lights around town and Christmas craft sales we've been going to lately, it's impossible not to get into the spirit of the season. The tree isn't up yet and there's still a moratorium on Christmas tunes (until December 1), but we have already dug out all our Christmas books and put together a Christmas book basket.

Abner is a big fan of books so it's no surprise that she's all over this basket idea. She loved digging through her bookcase looking for all the Christmas books she could find and shoving them in the basket. My mom has been giving her a new Christmas book each year since birth and we've gotten several others as gifts so we actually have quite a stash! [Note to self: get bigger basket for next year.]

We also hit up a local used book store the other day to add to our collection. I love the vintage look and feel of these new-to-us books.

The Christmas book basket is a new tradition for us, but one that I'm sure we'll bring back for many years to come. What are some of your favourite holiday traditions?


  1. You have the greatest ideas, LOVE your printable advent calendar (MAY have pinned it...)
    Starting next year, when the boys are old enough, I plan to wrap up 24 Christmas books to put under the tree. Then, each night at bedtime they get to unwrap one to read!
    Carmen (married to Jeremiah Morrison...)

  2. Great idea, Carmen! I'm sure the boys will love all those books!


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