Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Crossing off the pink cross quilt

The week sewing machine was off getting a tune up was the perfect opportunity to finish off the little bit of handsewing I had left on the pink cross quilt. I couldn't be happier with how this little experimental quilt turned out and it's always nice to cross something off the ol' project list. Now it's time to toss it in the wash to see how it crinkles!

Side note: I am loving having hardwood floors to photograph my projects against!


  1. did you make this from a jelly roll, or cut the strips yourself? it is lovely and the whimsy of the hand stitch is fantastic. nice work lady.

  2. @t
    I cut the squares myself from my scrap pile. I have yet to buy any pre-cut kits, but I am keeping an eye out for a collection that jumps out at me.

  3. Oh no, this is way too inspiring! Do I need a new hobby?


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