Friday, 7 January 2011

I may be crazy

So. Holidays are over. I'm back at work. Abner refuses to go to sleep before 10 pm. We have activities planned every weekend for the foreseeable future. My next column is due soon for Urban Baby and Toddler. And I have a project list as long as my arm.

Seems like the perfect time to drum up a few more things to do, don't you think?

This would be the part where I just may be certifiably crazy...I've added an order form to the blog. See it? It's that new page at the top called "Place an Order" [Catchy name, eh?]

Friends and family have been very keen to have me make things for them lately, so I'm testing the waters to see if other folks will be interested too...that, and I need a way to keep all the requests straight so I don't forget anything! I debated about just diving in and doing the Etsy thing, but I'd like to see how this goes first. I predict I will be keeping my day job, but my evenings will be just a bit busier!

It's an exciting adventure! Here goes nothing!

1 comment:

  1. nice job kim. i love that real button at the end of the order...very clever@:D


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