Saturday, 30 October 2010

From us to you: Another pillowcase dress

Ages ago - back when I used to actually do some sewing - I wisely pre-made a number of items to give away as birthday gifts. It's nice to know that at one time, in the not-so-distant past, I was smart enough to think ahead like that.

Anyhow, one such item is this adorable little pillowcase dress. I didn't follow any instructions like I did on my previous pillowcase dresses and I think I actually like the result a bit better.

All I did was chop off the closed end of the pillowcase, cut some armholes with my rotary cutter, hem the armholes, fold over and sew down the cut top edge to make a channel for the drawcord, and feed in the bias tape I used as a drawcord. sounds like more work than it was. Probably a 30-minute job at the most.

This little dress was given away just last weekend to an adorable little three-year-old. I hope she gets many years of use out of it - first as a dress and later as a top - that is the beauty of a pillowcase dress!


  1. How cute! It's functional and super easy to make. Not to mention it's a great use of material that may have otherwise been donated or used as a rag. I love it! Thanks Kim! I may actually pull out the sewing again sooner than I thought. Cheers!!! Rosalina

  2. @Anonymous
    Great to hear from you Rosalina! You should definitely pull that sewing machine out! These dresses are sooooo easy to make - perfect for your little cutie pie!


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