Monday, 18 October 2010

I got nuthin'

Just stopped by to show you the amazing project I've been working on lately:

What's that you say? There's nothing there? Yeah, well...that about sums up my creative endeavors lately.

Work has been crazy. It happens every October, yet here I am once again, taken by surprise that there's too much to be done in any given day. Rest assured though, help has been sought and I will surely survive to see November.

Beyond work, there was also a fantastic family getaway to Pender Harbour over the Thanksgiving weekend and all the preparation that goes along with such a journey: ferries to be booked, assigned meals to shop for, laundry to do, bags to pack, etc. And, yes, you did read that correctly. I did say, "assigned meals". I was responsible for a breakfast and a lunch as well as the broccoli and carrots for the turkey meal this time 'round if you should care to know. The assignments are courtesy of my mom (is anyone surprised?). I always used to get mashed potato duty, but we've been reassigned since my brother made a strong showing with some fancy pants mashed potatoes at a dinner a few weeks ago. That torch has now been passed to him (suckah).

This past weekend I've also been working on my next stroller-friendly walk article for Urban Baby and Toddler and Baby Meets Trail. Can't tell you how much I enjoyed the walks this time around. Abby's hit an age where she'll happily sit in her stroller while I power through the chosen route. As long as there's at least one playground or some wildlife to look at along the way, she's happy. You'll have to pick up the mag at the end of November to see which ones I'm writing about this time though.

Also eating up my time lately have been various selfish pursuits: reading and running. My friend Allie and I have taken up running again. It's been AGES since I ran on any regular basis so we're easing ourselves in. One day a week so far, and only about 2 km of running each time. Baby steps people. Baby steps. As for the reading thing, I picked up a collection of Jane Austen novels years ago and they sat unread on my shelf until recently when I picked up Pride and Prejudice. Loved it. Can't wait to track down the BBC production so I can drool over Mr. Darcy on film.

Thus explains my recent absence from the blogosphere. I hope to be getting on track with more regular posts soon. 'Til then.

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