Sunday, 27 June 2010

Thrifty finds

There aren't many things more enjoyable than having an entire afternoon to oneself. It happens from time to time for me and the older I get, the more I relish the occasion. When I was younger I was quick to waste those precious opportunities napping or watching TV...nowadays I'm sure to tackle activities that are best handled without a toddler in tow. Thrifting is just such an activity.

I had occasion recently to hit the thrift/consignment/new and used shops along Hastings and came back with one of my better thrifting hauls.

For a mere pittance at the Sally Ann I was able to pick up a toy for Abner to practice her fine motor skills (zippers, snaps, buttons, etc.)  and a few pillow cases to make more dresses.

For slightly more money at Consign Home, I was able to grab a cute glass pitcher, a milk glass bottle from Portugal, and a glass measuring bowl. I've been on a mission to replace all of the plastic in our kitchen with glass or stainless steel. Finding these items was a big step in going plastic-free. Buh-bye plastic juice jug!

My ultimate score right now would be finding a complete set of vintage nesting mixing bowls...something like these ones I found over at Pyrex Love (incidentally, I never would have imagined there would be an entire site devoted to all things Pyrex...who knew!). I've also got my eye on the refrigerator sets which would come in handy for storing leftovers.

Since I've mentioned my desire to go plastic-free, this is also a good opportunity to tell you about the cool little Abeego Wrap I picked up at a craft fair last month. If you haven't seen these things before, they're a handmade, all-natural alternative to plastic wrap. Made from hemp/cotton fabric infused with a blend of beeswax and plant extracts they are the perfect thing to wrap sandwiches and other lunch items in. No more plastic baggies or container.


  1. You can buy nesting Pyrex mixing bowls at the antique mall in Fort Langley. Stu and I were there just a few months ago and they had all kinds of different sets with different motifs. Stu owes me a set because we were broke when we saw them (and like you, I've wanted a set for awhile) and so he very kindly made a coupon that is to be used towards the purchase of a set for my b'day.

  2. Good luck with your mission to replace the plastic in your kitchen! I have an interest in doing that as well, but haven't been too successful yet. I did get some Abeego wraps and I enjoy using them rather than plastic wrap!

  3. What a sweety you have Chantel! Perhaps I'll send Sean out to Langley for next Christmas for me.

    Love the Abeego!

  4. Attic Treasures on the Drive often has those mixing bowls. I have the largest, yellow one.


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