Thursday, 24 June 2010

No-sew summer cardigan for Abner

Kids can be tricky to dress. They like to run around and get all hot and sweaty so layers they can peel off are a good solution to prevent overheating.

With that in mind, I set out to find a light little cardigan for Abner to wear in the early mornings and evenings when she's outside and it's on the cooler side. After an exhaustive search (by which I mean a quick stroll through the kids section at Joe Fresh), I came up short. There was nothing quite like what I wanted.

Remembering a tutorial I read on Angry Chicken last year (side note: my memory astounds me with its selectivity sometimes...this I remember, but I can't tell you what I ate for lunch yesterday) I grabbed one of the only long-sleeve tops on the rack and went home to make my own cardigan. I should point out that I grabbed the size larger than Abner usually wears so that it could easily layer over other clothes.

start with a long-sleeve top
fold in half and cut up the fold
(just the shirt front, don't cut through the back as well!)
et voila!

It's impossibly cute on Abner and she keeps asking for her cardy whenever we go out so I think she likes it.

If you need better instructions to make your own, you might want to check out Angry Chicken's original post.


  1. what a fantastic idea...just what you needed...very clever!!!

  2. great idea! very easy fancy, my favourite.

    must keep my eyes peeled for choppable long-sleeves next time i get my hind legs to superstore. ;-)

  3. What a smart idea! A light cardigan like that would be great as a sun cover up too!

  4. I guess I must have somehow come across that piece because I went through a rabid shirt-chopping phase last year. For me, not the kids.

    Oddly, most of my choppable shirts are also from Joe Clothing, I think because they have a tendency to shrink.

  5. Be warned everyone, once you start chopping your shirts, you'll find it rather hard to stop! It's just such the perfect little cover up!


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