Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Lunch was nice, nice, very nice today!

I had the pleasure of crashing an intimate concert with Dan Mangan while on my lunch break today. Such a treat to see a Canadian musician I love play live...and to be one of only seven people in the audience! I'm a lucky girl!

I discovered Dan's (yes, just "Dan", we're on a first name basis now) music on The Peak (my fave radio station) a while back. If you haven't heard his stuff yet, get your browser over to You Tube or iTunes and check it out!


  1. there were only seven people there? that doesn't make any sense, doesn't he have two sold out concerts coming up in town? lucky you though!

  2. Crazy, I know. He was recording a few songs for the campus radio station to play on air so there wasn't a full audience. They also recorded an interview with him, but I didn't stick around to hear that part. We were all crammed into a room the size of a walk in closet! So awesome!!!!

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  4. Screwed up....mixed up Dan Mangan and Joel Plaskett. Currently only on Dan Mangan song in my collection...will have to rectify that.

  5. Very cool! The Peak is AWESOME! So many cool artists that I would have never heard of before, and a lot of great artists that we used to play on
    That's awesome that you got to meet him and watch him play!


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