Saturday, 12 June 2010

Get to the Point

We made our way to Point Roberts for the first trip of the season recently. It wasn't exactly warm, but it didn't rain, so we can't really complain. The kids had a blast playing on the lawn and crawling all over the logs and rocks along the beach. We had a hard time wrestling all the rocks away from Abner...she loves rocks (we have piles of them around the house to prove it).

The cousins played so well together and we even discovered they're old enough for an actual kid's table (hooray! The adults can eat in peace once again.) We're so lucky to have access to this place. Can't wait to get back down there for some more R&R. Hopefully it will be warmer next time.


  1. ahhh, sweet little girls. your family are so lucky to have a place right on the beach...just chillin'@:)

  2. We sure are lucky! Don't know that I'd ever find myself in Pt. Roberts if it weren't for the cottage.


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