Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Gardening with the wee folk

The Dear Sweet Husband and I generally have a love/hate relationship with our garden bed. We both love the idea of having our own spot to grow plants and admire their beauty whenever were out on the balcony. But we both hate the fact that nothing seems to grow well in the crappy dirt (it's so bad, I can't even venture to call it soil) and the dirt just seems to blow around everywhere and get into the house.

After seven years of vacuuming dirt on a regular basis, I finally decided to pave it over this year. [I think I just heard my gardening friends issue a collective gasp!] Measurements in hand, I trekked out to Home Depot one night after Abner was in bed and picked out pavers to cover the dirt.

The next day Abner and I filled in the remaining dirt openings (couldn't get pavers to completely cover the area) with succulents and some potted plants. Most of the plants came from an annual plant sale at work. Gotta love filling almost an entire garden space and window boxes for less than $20!

Now that all is said and done, we're left with a neat and tidy little area on our balcony that still includes plants, but doesn't allow nearly as much dirt to blow around. Abner loves climbing up on the pavers and inspecting each of the plants.

 It's not exactly going to cut it as a garden tour on Heavy Petal, but we're all happy with it!


  1. what a great idea. it looks like abbi is enjoying herself gardening with mom...very sweet!

  2. it looks great - love your huge balconies and making a space more user-friendly is always a plus. i love the succulents tucked into the pavers - fun!

  3. Thanks for the garden love. I must say it's turned out a complete success...several weeks in and nothing is dead yet!


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