Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Putting the VanDusen membership to use

So the Olympics were over, the weather turned crappy and we had no real plans, so a couple of weekends ago, we decided to make use of the rather expensive membership we'd bought to VanDusen Gardens.

From a botanical perspective, it's not the most exciting time of year to be there - most stuff is still pretty dormant - but the blossoms, blooms and buds are just beginning to poke their heads out so it's still worth a look.

With little ones, I highly recommend going right at opening - you'll get less evil glares from the serious gardeners who are there for serious garden-related enjoyment.
I think this is my new favorit picture of Abner.
Abner spent quite a while picking up gravel, placing it on this bench and watching it fall between the slats.
I don't even think she was tired of walking yet, she just likes to plonk herself down wherever.
Abner and TDSH "hiding" from mommy. So stealthy!
A little off-roading was in order. I swear, they are going to take away our membership if they ever catch on to us!
Abner appears to be very angry at the blossoms in this pic...I know a few allergy sufferers who would agree with her!
Hanging out on one of the beautiful sculptures on the grounds. I'm not sure if this is one of the permanent ones, but it is lovely.
Abner and I made friends with a giant (anatomically correct, I might add!) wire bull.
My apoligies to anyone living in the vacinity of VanDusen Park that weekend. When a little girl sees a gong, there's really nothing else to do but, gong away (for at least 5 minutes straight!)


  1. looks like fun! we'll have to make use of ours too - i want photos of coco in those beautiful blossoms!

    the last time we were there we had to keep cole from going nuts on that gong because there was a wedding ceremony going on nearby! oh, installers of gongs really don't take toddlers into account. ;-)

  2. I was delighted to see your photos from your recent visit to VanDusen and to learn you are Garden members.

    It looks like you all had a great day, especially Abner. I hope you can come to VanDusen often.

    In case you are not aware, VanDusen Botanical Garden has its own facebook page. By becoming a fan, you will receive regular updates.

    Best regards
    Dawn M Russell,
    Membership Director,
    VanDusen Botanical Garden Vancouver, BC

  3. Wow, this was a post of firsts! My first spam comment and my first comment from an actual authority on my post topic!

    Indeed Dawn, I was not aware of the Facebook page. I will certainly sign up. We really do enjoy the gardens and hope to put our membership to more use now that we are into the warmer months. A few of our friends also have memberships, and your gardens are an amazing adventure for little ones, so you may be seeing more of our little family in near future. Please keep up the fantastic work!


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