Friday, 19 March 2010

My own little crafty library

So I have a confession to make: I have been buying crafty books for several years now and until just last week, I'd only completed TWO projects from any of them! I know, I know...I DO feel ashamed. TDSH jokes that my hobby is not crafting, it's just looking at craft books.

Recently, my little library expanded when I picked up a few new titles for the shelf.

I spotted Carefree Clothes for Girls, by Junko Okawa, in a little pamphlet that fell out of one of my copy of Amanda Blake Soule's, Handmade Home. For the past few weeks, I've really noticed how much of a little girl Abner is becoming - little girl as opposed to a baby, that is. I have heaps of baby clothes patterns that she's already grown too big for.

Until I found this book, I hadn't seen any designs for little girls clothes that I liked. They all looked too generic. The outfits in this book are anything but generic! The book was originally written in Japanese so the fashions are very much inspired by Japanese style (read as lots of linen and many layers).

Here are a couple of the projects I can't wait to get working on.

Given my recent quilting success, I couldn't resist picking up i ♥ patchwork by Rashida Coleman Hale. The patterns are a cute and look relatively easy (score!).

Top on my list out of this book is the quilted calendar with fabric covered buttons. Not only would it be a fun project to make, but it would also be a good learning tool for Abner to learn about her months, weeks and days!

Sew Liberated, by Meg McElwee made it onto the shelf primarily because of a recommendation from Amanda of Soule Mama. I can't see making most of the projects for myself, but many of them would make perfect gifts. The best part of the book is definitely the instructions on doing applique - a technique I haven't attempted myself yet, but would love to try.

This little framed applique/needle work clock looks like a perfect project to go in Abner's room.

Year's ago I picked up Melanie Falick's Weekend Knitting and loved it. I loved it so much, I actually managed to make one of the projects in the book (and started at least two more). I was thrilled when I spotted a new addition to the series (is it a series if there are only two books?). Weekend Sewing, by Heather Ross is a fabulous find! Much like the knitting version, this one blends fantastic projects with a few other elements essential to a weekend of sewing: food, music and more food. Judging by the playlist on 53, she has pretty good taste in music!

The smocked sundress will be the first project I tackle from this book. I can already imaging how cute Abner's going to look in it!

I also picked up Anna Maria Horner's Seams to Me and Amy Butler's In Stitches, but for some reason didn't photograph them for this post.


  1. love love love the new additions - 'carefree clothes' is filled with such delights - i must borrow one day! so elfishly rumpled and whimsical without being trite.

    you're going to love that smocked sundress - easiest thing ever and so cute.

    ps - you'll have to take me to that thrift store one day!

  2. ^Miranda, I have a feeling our craft libraries are going to wind up looking very similar!


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