Monday, 15 March 2010

It's DONE!

Before reading this post, hit Ctrl-click (so the link opens in another window) on this link to hear a piece of music which I think suits the announcement below perfectly! (My first scored blog post!) the music playing? Yes? Then read on....

Remember the quilt that I started way back in, oh...November 2008! And was still working on in February 2009? And then had to rip apart in August 2009? Well, it's with great excitement that I tell you it's finally DONE. (See! The musical selection is perfect!)

I can't even fathom how many hours were spent putting this thing together, but I absolutely love it!

When I presented it to Abner this morning, she said, "Pretty! I like it!" and has been happily playing with it all morning and is now having her first nap under it.

Thanks to Miranda for letting me raid her stash so many months ago. I'd still be staring at a pile of scraps if you hadn't been so generous to share your stash with me! I hope I can return the favor one day.

Thanks to TDSH who knew what he was in for the night I asked for his help sandwiching the layers and got off the couch to help me anyway.

And thanks to the ladies at Fabricana who patiently tended to me while I hemmed and hawed over my binding and backing options. And thanks for understanding when I didn't choose the tiny floral and paisley prints you kept suggesting.

As long and drawn out as this process was, I really did enjoy it. I've already decided which quilt I will make next and who it's for, but that'll have to stay a secret for a bit longer.


  1. the quilt is gorgeous kim!! congrats, that is an amazing accomplishment -- one i hope to do as well one of these days!! take care :)

  2. LOVE it! it is an amazing and lovely quilt - it's perfect! i'm in awe of all those tiny straight lines.

    and please come raid my stash anytime - it's constantly getting too big for it's britches.

  3. Wow! What a beautiful quilt. And so cool that Abby has dresses to match,
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kim, from someone who failed Grade 8 Sewing, trust me, I am in awe! Well done!!! -Leslie

  5. Than you all for the kind words about my quilt - I think you all know just how proud I am of it!

    I should clarify though that my husband does not spend every night on the couch (as it seems from this post) Far from it, in fact, but he did happen to be on the couch the evening I asked for his assistance.

    ^Lisa, you just need to get started on one! It's surprisingly easy!

    ^Miranda, you should have offered your stash before the move - I could have save half your moving costs!

    ^Mirabelle, I'm so glad you like the quilt. Thanks for stopping by the blog.

    ^Leslie, if you ever need any sewing done for your kids, now you know who to call. No one ever needs to know.

  6. Beautiful. Love the fabric choices. You may convert me to a quilt lover yet.

  7. Turned out beautifully! All that hard work paid off! I have yet to tackle a quilt, but I hope that when I do it turns out as lovely as yours. Great job!


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