Friday, 29 January 2010

Resolution time (better late than never)

A new year started a few weeks ago (in case you didn't notice). I didn't make any resolutions at the time, but a few have come to me over the past few days, so here they are for posterity sake*:

> Comment back on my blog: I love it when people comment on my blog (especially if they're strangers). In fact, it can't be stated strongly enough just how much I love it when people comment on my blog (are you catching my drift here people?). In an effort to encourage commenting and to just be a nicer blog host in general, I will aim to comment back at least once for every post. So, please don't leave me hangin'! Be sure to comment.

> Go camping at least once: Easier said than done. We had grand plans to go camping last year, but it never happened. This year will be different. I own a tent and I will sleep in it damn it!

> Work on a handmade project at least once a week: This one is a toughie. I always hope to have the time to work on projects, but it just never seems to happen. My usual excuse (aside from no time) is that I don't have a good space to work in. However, I recently created a cute little area to work in in our bedroom so I no longer have that excuse.

> Finish the un-finished: I have posted about this before...I am great at starting projects, yet complete crap at completing them. So this year, I plan to itemize all of the projects I have on the go and would like to see at least half of them finished by year's end. Not having written out the list just yet, I don't actually know how many projects that would be, but I speculate it's quite a lot. Gulp.

> Take more video of Abner: You'd think this would be an easy one, but it's not. We always joke that our camera is well travelled, but not well used. In other words, we almost always bring it with us, but usually fail to actually take it out and use it. Sigh. I will work hard on this one.

*Good thing one of my resolutions wasn't to procrastinate less...cause I'd 'a pretty much bombed that one right off the bat.


  1. Comments are very fun, so I won't deny you! My fave is the video of Abner - keep it coming. :-)

  2. I hope your camping trip will be more successful than ours was last year. At least we got a good story out of that one, though!

  3. ^ Kerith: ha least it won't take much to be more successful than you guys! All we have to do is make it through one night - I'm sure we can manage!

    ^ Sylvie: I promise to get more videos posted. I love having them online to look at whenever and wherever I want too!

    Thank you both for commenting!

  4. good resolutions! we have the same one about camping this year - last summer i'd known too many people with babies & horror stories and tears but this year i think they're the right age! bring on the bbq hotdogs! :-)

    good luck with your to-do to-do list! i can't wait to see what's on it!

  5. ^ Miranda...we are soooo going camping together this summer.


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