Sunday, 3 May 2009

Indulge little girl just turned ONE!


Weight: 8lbs 11oz
Length: 21 inches
Hair: dark brown
Teeth: none
Words spoken: none
Steps taken: none
Talents: breastfeeding, sleeping, poopin', peein' and pukin'
Favorite things: mommy and daddy's fingers, sleeping on someone's chest, and being carried in the sling


Weight: 21 or 22 lbs (this is just a guess)
Length: 27 inches (again, just a guess)
Hair: very, very blond
Teeth: 6 (ish)
Words spoken: depends how you define words...definitely has momma and dada down
Steps taken: two (on her birthday no less!)
Talents: crawling, climbing, getting down safely off the couch/bed, drinking from a cup, picking nose (and eating it!), licking absolutely everything, putting things behind her head (we haven't figured out why she does this one yet), turning pages, eating finger food, and lookin' super cute!
Favorite things: books (mostly GRUMPY BIRD), balls, opening cupboards and pulling everything out, dropping food, being outside, knocking over anything stacked up, standing in the tub, eating cereal, swings, and pulling on cords.


  1. one year and such amazing changes.

    great photo collection@:)

  2. amazing! one whole year. looking back, abby of course looks like herself right from the beginning, which is adorable. congrats to abby on her birthday and to you and sean on your first year as parents!

  3. Happy birthday to you all!

    She is gorgeous and VERY talented by the sounds of it.


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