Monday, 4 May 2009

Birthday decorations and such...

I know I posted a few pictures from Abner's birthday party already, but I wanted to comment on the decorations and party favors. I had so much fun over the last few weeks sewing up bunting to hang around the party area and homemade bean bags to give out to each of the party guests (well...each of the party guests under four feet tall that is). I'm really happy with how they all turned out.

The bunting was the inspiration for the party invite I created. What I love most about it is that it is made from old receiving blankets and leftover scraps from projects I've made for other babies. I can look at each of the fabrics I chose and remember working on each of those projects and the special kids they were made for. I hope to keep it in good shape so we can pull it out year after year.

I wanted to make sure each child had something to take home with them, and these bean bags fit the bill perfectly. They were super easy to whip up thanks to a lovely tutorial from my friend Miranda. Many a night has been spent lately with beanbags in hand while episodes of LOST play on the DVD.


  1. So what are you saying, we need to toss these bags every 108 minutes lest our babies/toddlers poop explosively? Cruel, very cruel.

  2. the decorations and invitations and giveaways were fab - and i love that the bunting was made from old receiving blankets. very fun party too - so glad we could come.


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