Friday, 20 March 2009

Golly G!

So, the other day I spotted a fun little game on one of the blogs I follow. Smoothpebble had written a list of ten things she loved that start with the letter N. Why the letter N you ask? Because another blogger told her to; that's why. At the bottom of her post, she invited anyone who wanted to participate in the game and write their own list to submit a comment and she'd send them a letter. Well, it sounded like a fun thing to do so I posted my comment and patiently waited to receive my letter.

Would I get a nice and easy letter like T or A or S? Perhaps she would challenge me with the dreaded X or Z? When her message finally arrived, I excitedly clicked it open to see that she gave me the letter G. Hmmmm...not as easy as T, A or S, but not nearly as tricky as X or Z.

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here is my list of ten things I love that start with the letter G.

  1. Grandparents. Sadly, none of my own grandparents are living, but I think very highly of Abner's.

  2. Getting things on sale. In preparation for going back to work next month, I bought an entire new wardrobe last week and came in under budget thanks to The Gap/Banana Republic/Old Navy's Friends and Family coupon. Yay me!

  3. My homemade granola. I made a batch up a couple of weeks ago and it only lasted three days. [Note to self: do not leave container of granola next to the computer - unable to resist snacking temptation] I really need to sit down and add that recipe on Milkybeer Cooks.

  4. Giggles from Abner. I really must get a recording of her adorable little giggles. Some days she treats us to gales of laughter, and other days all we get is a smile.

  5. Good Eats. If you haven't watched Alton Brown's show on the Food Network - you should. I've learned so much and he is damn entertaining.

  6. Grandma Rand's overnight bun recipe. I have previously blogged about these delicious (and surprisingly easy to make) buns, so I will refer you back to that post. If you want to take a crack at making your own buns, the recipe is posted over at Milkybeer Cooks.

  7. Gnomes. Specifically, the ones found here at my friend Miranda's Etsy shop. Image shamefully stolen from Miranda.

  8. Going back to work. Wait! What?!?! How'd that get there? Definitely does not belong on this list. Going back to work. There. That's better.

  9. Getting gussied up. I was never particularly fond of getting dressed up before I had Abner; but now I have a new-found appreciation for doing my hair, putting on make up, wearing heels and nice clothes (that didn't come off the floor from two days before).

  10. The great outdoors. Not enough of this one happening lately. Stinkin' rain. This shot is from a hike we did with Dan and Kerith near Mt. Slesse back in 2006.

  11. A good night's sleep. Not enough of that one happening lately either. Sigh.
If you'd like to play along on your own blog, just leave a comment asking me to send you a letter.

Other possible titles considered for today's post:
"Today's post is brought to you by the letter G"
"Gee whiz"


  1. great list with a challenging letter. send me a letter please! just not x. :-)

  2. Sorry it's taken me so long to check this out. Love your list, and you did good with "G"!
    Getting things on sale - you gotta love that. Little giggles, wonderful. I could sure use a time machine to go back to those days, because right now I'm getting eye rolling and grumbling out of my kids.
    That gnome is great too! Thanks for playing along, and here's to getting more sleep!


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