Monday, 10 November 2008

It seemed like a good idea...

I had a brilliant idea the other day to get a tattoo in Abner's honour. The inspiration came from an episode of L.A. Ink where a woman got a tattoo to represent each of her five(!) children. She chose to get a chain of hideous flowers across her back which, while I'm sure was meaningful to her, just looked God awful to me.

Having decided that getting a tattoo was a good idea, I set upon deciding on what kind of design I would get. Would I get a symbol? A flower? An animal? The options seemed endless. Well, it didn't take me long to come up with the perfect design: Li'l Abner! The little cartoon character by Al Capp. How cute would that be?

Turns out, not very.

For some reason, I thought that Li'l Abner was this adorable little infant character...big head, mostly bald, very sweet looking...kind of like my own Li'l Abner. A quick Google search showed me that I was quite wrong. In fact, this is what Li'l Abner really looks like:

Definitely not cute and definitely not something I want tattooed on my body. It's probably for the best - what little girl wants to be called by a man's name that hit its peak popularity at the end of the 19th century? Abner's first words will probably be, "For Pete's sake mom! Stop calling me Abner!"


  1. That's hilarious Kim. I also thought Little Abner was a baby...lucky you checked before getting your tatoo!!!

  2. Yeah, I thought he was a baby too, and then I thought he was someone else entirely when you told me he wasn't a baby... I realize now I was thinking of Baby Herman...

    Not any better. :-)


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