Friday, 21 November 2008

Coming to a bookstore near you

I was struck by a brilliant idea on the weekend ... someone needs to write a book about stroller-friendly walks in the Lower Mainland. There have been quite a few occasions where I've set out to do a walk in the woods only to discover that I can't get very far with Abner in her stroller. True, I could use a carrier, but the stroller allows me to cart along toys/food/diapers so much more easily.

After giving it a few moments thought, I decided that I needed to write a book about stroller-friendly walks in the Lower Mainland.

I called up the publishers of 103 Hikes in Southwestern BC and 109 Walks in BC's Lower Mainland (both excellent books) and asked if they would be interested in the idea ... and they were! They said it was definitely something they would be interested in publishing and asked me to submit a written proposal including two sample chapters. So much for the rest of my mat leave!

I have no idea if they will actually publish it, but I'm grateful that they listened to my idea and didn't hang up on me. Just writing the proposal will be an interesting experience.

So who's up for a walk with me and Abner?


  1. Yay!!! We're totally game for a walk.

  2. Oh yah, there are so many walk possibilities. Maryn, Ry & I can't wait. Remember the Othello Tunnels is friendly & very short with cool scenery.

  3. Lila and I are in. I'm excited to see what you'll introduce us to!


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