Saturday, 27 September 2008

There's music, there's music, there's music in the air

The title of today's blog entry is a shout out to my past as a choir girl and to some of the activities that Abner and I have been up to lately. The choir reference is to one of the more annoying songs I ever had to sing in choir: There's Magic in the Air (apologies to my mom [a.k.a. AG - Abner's Grandma] who was our choir director and as such was responsible for inflicting this particular ditty on us several years in a row). As for Abner, she's recently discovered the joys of music (which is good since the aforementioned grandmother has been a music teacher since her teens and would likely disown me if I didn't attempt to foster a love of music in Abner).

Abner and I ventured out to our local library twice this week to participate in their Storytime for Babies sessions. If you've ever contemplated going to one of these classes, I certainly encourage you to do it. All the moms and babies (I say moms, but I'm sure dads are welcome as well) sit around in a circle for a half hour of songs, nursery rhymes and stories. What's great about it is you get to learn a bunch of new songs (or the correct lyrics to old songs) and meet a group of fun moms and babies.

Abner was absolutely engaged the whole way through the first time we went. It was so unbelievably cute watching her little face light up as she watched the children's librarian act out the songs and we all got to dance around. She particularly liked the Smooth Road song. The surprise ending had her in stitches. I had to chuckle though when the librarian brought out the Eentsy Weentsy Spider (which has been Abner's favorite song from day one) and I could hear half the other moms whisper to their kids, "Oh! It's your favorite!" What is it about that song?

Anyhow, she liked the music so much the first day, I decided to take her to a second session today and invited AG to join us. As I said above, Abner was absolutely engaged the whole way through...the first time we went. This time...not so much. For whatever reason, Abner kept us up the whole night last night. It was like she was on a timer and every 45 minutes she woke up screaming her head off. Understandably she was a bit dopey today as a result. She still seemed to be enjoying herself and the music, but she fell asleep about half way through. Oh well, it was still a lovely day and she woke up in time to have a little visit with AG while we ate our lunch in the park.

We've also been listening to a lot more music at home and in the car lately. I recently discovered the new CBC Radio 2 and take any opportunity to play it in the car for Abner. During the day it's mostly classical (which is good for babies) and switches to more contemporary music, like K-OS and The Arcade Fire, in the late afternoon (which is good for mommies). At home we've been enjoying a couple of playlists on the old iTunes ... and by enjoying, I mean they've been putting Abner to sleep! Oh how I love my Mellow Tunes and Lullaby playlists. Sigh.

Next week we start our Music and My Baby classes. Now that I see how much Abner likes music, I can't wait for the classes to start.

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