Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Projects. They are pilin' up.

TDSH will tell you that I am rather fond of starting, but not necessarily finishing projects. My oldest on-the-go project is a beautiful wool coat that I must have started two or three years ago now. I ran into a problem, dare I say error, on the pattern and have never gotten around to figuring it out and finishing it. Fingers crossed that it will still be reasonably in style by the time it's actually done.

Still in the realm of sewing, I am also working on 1) a small blanket for a new baby who is not that new anymore, 2) a stroller sleeping bag for Abner's B.O.B. stroller, 3) drool bibs for Abner (thanks Miranda!), and 4) assorted dresses for Abner and her friends.

Now that the season has changed to Fall, I've got a hankering to get back to knitting where I currently have a scarf, makeup bag and shawl on the go ... not to mention the various balls of yarn I've picked up over the years thinking, "I don't know what I'll make with this, but it's so gorgeous, I just have to have it." In a moment of superior will power, I managed to talk myself out of buying even more yarn on a recent visit to Michael's.

Side note on my trip to Michael's: In a bid to waste some time and let Abner nap a bit longer in the Ergo Baby carrier, I ventured down the cake decorating aisle and came across some super cute baking tools that would make a fantastic addition to my meal in the mail packages. How cute are these little silicone baking cups?
Other general projects on my list of things to do include 1) reorganizing the spice cupboard (am making progress on this one! picked up 36 shiny new mason jars yesterday. just need to wash them up and break out the label maker), 2) assembling my wedding album (I'm really behind on this one since we got married over four years ago), and 3) doing Abner's hand prints.
All I can say is thank God I haven't gotten into scrapbooking or I'd never leave the house! If anyone would like to come over and babysit while I work on some of these projects, please let me know.


  1. Oh, I have those silicone cups, they are awesome for cupcakes. Also good for teething babies to gnaw on and as a bath toy.

    (just dropped by because I saw your site in my referrals...hi...adorable baby girl you have there!)

  2. Hey - the cheesefairy! I love your blog! (Said assuming cheesefairy is still floating around here...)

    Starting projects - and collecting the supplies - is just so fun. It's that sense of promise... You've seen my fabric vault! Don't get me started on how I'm progressing on our honeymoon and baby photo album projects...

    Good luck with all yours - especially the gorgeous coat!


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