Sunday, 7 September 2008

That bird's a trooper

It's amazing what passes for entertainment when one is on maternity leave. Today's excitement was watching a bird fly smack into one of our windows. Grim, I know. But, also totally amazing. Bird lovers: read no further.

Imagine it...this bird is happily flying along at "flach 1" when out of nowhere, it slams into our less than sparkly clean window (with all due respect to TDSH who handles the window washing around here). It then lay dazed and twitching on our balcony for the next half an hour. The poor thing even left a little bit of blood at the point of impact. We tried not to loom over it so as not to add to what I'm sure were it's already high stress levels. Thankfully, the little guy was able to shake it off and took to the air after a bit of a rest.

Now, imagine're cruising along at top speed in your vehicle of choice when out of nowhere a wall is thrown up in your path. Me thinks you wouldn't be able to shake it off like our friend the bird.

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