Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Easily amused...who me?

I'll admit it. It doesn't take much to amuse me. Here are a few things that have tickled my fancy lately:

Seeing myself as a high school student through the ages on Yearbookyourself. Just when you thought you couldn't look any dorkier than your own high school yearbook photo. See what you might have looked like had you gone to school in your parents' era. Shudder the thought.

Prehistoric theme aside, Dinotown is a total blast from the past. Not only are the rides the same as when I visited as a wee one back in the eighties, but they're people-powered to boot! (Could this be the solution to the childhood obesity problem plaguing our nation? I think so!) To enhance the old-school charm, the safety measures are laughable by today's standards. Where else can you ride in pedal cars with no safety equipment where the brake handle is mere centimetres from exposed tires, paddle your own canoe without life vests, or ride in bumper cars with absolutely no staff supervision? Good times.

Getting my new mattress delivered by grown men wearing booties. Thank you Christine Magee, for the mattress ... and the laughs.

Listening to TDSH (The Dear Sweet Husband) butcher the lyrics to childrens' songs. The other day I caught him singing, "Do your balls hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?" to Abner. I really must hook him up with the correct lyrics before he completely warps her mind.

Abner's ...
crazy straight out of the bath hair

first time in sunglasses

attempt to eat her soother (note the bottom lip)

... with a four-month-old, the amusement is endless.

1 comment:

  1. Dinotown sounds awesomely fun and unsafe! I'll have to get Jamie and Cole and go for a look. Sounds about as dangerous as Mexico!

    Abner sure is a cutie. Love the sunglasses and the apres-bath hair. :-)


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