Monday, 1 February 2010

Vegetarian? I think not!

Abner and TDSH stopped to check out a chicken coop on our walk in Steveston last weekend. Here's a transcript of their rather short discussion about chickens:

TDSH: "What do chickens say?"
Abner: "Yum."


  1. Hee hee! I read this as I am writing my own post about doing the vegan thing. I love little Abner's honesty. As much as I am staying away from chicken, and I thing that it is evil in it's raw form, I can't argue. It is yum.

  2. i'd like to hear her thoughts on bacon. ;-)

  3. Won't she get confused when all the animals say the same thing? ;)

  4. ^ parentingBYdummies...thanks for stopping by and I completely agree with you.

    ^ are too funny!

    ^ Miranda...if she's anything like her mother, she will have lots to say about bacon.

    ^ each her own. Glad you can still see the humour in meat.


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