Tuesday, 3 March 2009

10 months old already!

Yesterday was Abner's 10 month birthday. To celebrate the occasion, I bring you...

Abner's Top Ten things to do at Ten Months Old List

10. Music. Sadly, music class came to an end last week, so now she's stuck listening to mommy and daddy butcher her favorite tunes. Her favorite is still One Little Owl. It's actually a rather depressing song sung in a minor key. There's only one verse, but we've made up about a dozen more on our own. TDSH and I actually call it the magic song because no matter how upset Abner is, as soon as she hears it she stops crying

9. Playing with our plastic whisk. She's tested out a number of other kitchen utensils, but always comes back to her favorite plastic whisk. This seems so much safer than the metal cheese grater my parents gave me to play with (don't try to deny it Mom and Dad...there are pictures to prove it).

8. Pulling on cords. Abner spends a good chunk of her day going after computer, electrical, cable and curtain cords...or rather, TDSH and I spend a good chunk of our day trying to stop her from going after computer, electrical, cable and curtain cords.

7. Spitting food. Always a good way to end every meal. The carpet appreciates it, I'm sure.

6. Having "conversations" with mommy and daddy.

Abner: "Ahh."
Mommy: "Ahh?"
Abner: "Ahh!"
Mommy: "Ahhh."
Abner: "Duh-duh."
Mommy: "Duh-duh."
Abner: "Buh."
Mommy: "Buh."

and on, and on, and on...

5. Pulling hair. This is a fun little trick Abner picked up a while ago. There's nothing like waking up each morning to a few yanks on the hair. She has enough hair that I am tempted to (gently) pull hers back, but that would just be sinking to her level.

4. Walk, crawl, and roll. I think Abner's made it her personal mission to cover more ground each day than the day before. I am tempted to put a pedometer on her to see just how far she actually goes in a day.

3. Getting wrapped up in the duvet. We call this game Abner In A Blanket. It is so cute. Imagine a big bundle of quilt wrapped around little Abner with just her face poking out and giggling with glee. My hear melts.

2. Peek-a-boo. Abner is up for a game of peek-a-boo anytime -- anywhere -- with anyone. Early games of peek-a-boo always included a blanket to hide behind, but now hands, pillows, or even closed eyes work just fine. The funniest part is that she gets too excited closing her eyes, so she tries to open them just a bit to have a peek before we say, "Where's Abner?"

1. Swings! Abner just went on the swings for the first time yesterday - to say she loved it might be a bit of an understatement. I would have put her on sooner, but wanted TDSH to be there too, so I patiently waited for schedules and weather to come together for the perfect swinging opportunity. I had been planning to do the same thing with the slide, but TDSH decided to take her down her first slide without me a few weeks ago. Boo TDSH.


  1. Happy 10 months Abner! Looks like you and your boyfriend have another thing in common - swinging. In the park! ;-)

  2. Happy 10 months to Abby! We'll have to do a trip to the swings soon.

  3. Hey Kim,

    Who knew you had a blog! Obviously I didn't... it's nice to catch up and by the way... where do you get the time?!

    About your top 10...I'll give you a revised version for what you can expect by the time she hits the ol' 2-0. This is based on Cedric's current favourite things (many of which are not our favourites!):

    10. Music still good... add dancing and clapping.

    9. Make that a metal whisk, add some spoons and a few pots... Chinese New Years.

    8. Still at it. Add alarming ability with computer hardware like plugging/unplugging USB cables, 'typing', etc.

    7. Less spitting more catapulting

    6. Many conversations... with strangers, other kids, mom, dad, dogs, birds, you name it.

    5. That one goes away... or maybe it's replaced, you'll see.

    4. All that plus... climbing! Anything fragile 1 m above ground should be 'abnerized'

    3. Throwing and tossing into the duvet.

    2. Hide and jump out screaming and laughing.

    1. Swings but now they want it higher and faster. And slides, always a winner.

    We hope you guys are well. T minus 10 weeks for bambino #2.. can't wait.


  4. JEROOOOOME! So glad you found me and LOL to your list! In my head, you were reciting it in your lady's voice. I miss your lady's voice.

  5. Kim,

    Funny you should think of THE LADY (not really surprised though). The voice was in my head while I was actually typing out the list. Apparently Leah knew you had a blog... I shoul chat with her more often! Anyways, it's great to see you guys are doing well. I can't decide if Abby looks more like Sean or like you. It depends on the picture I guess. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Spring and sunshineas I'm sure you are. All the best to you, Sean and Abner from the four of us.

    Later skater.



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