Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Snowed in and loving it

I never thought it would happen...we're snowed in...in Burnaby!

I've lived in snowy climes for most of my life (Prince George and Williams Lake to be precise), but never have I actually been trapped at home due to snow. I tried to head out the the grocery store this afternoon, but had to turn back because my tires were spinning in the snow and I couldn't get up the hill to the main road (which was tauntingly clear of snow). So I guess that means I'm "crappy-all-season-tired in" as opposed to strictly "snowed in".

Even though the car couldn't get out and enjoy this beautiful winter day, doesn't mean we couldn't. We bundled up Abner in her snazzy new snow suit (which we have dubbed the bear suit) and did what every other parent does three days before Christmas...we went to the mall. We did manage to enjoy the white stuff along the way though.

I especially love the synchronized snow angels at the bottom!

1 comment:

  1. ahhh! snow angels! that is so cute. we're going to have to try that one.


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