Saturday, 3 May 2014

Two Tessuti Tops

If you haven't seen it before, let me introduce you to Our Fave Top by Tessuti Fabrics. The pattern is a free download on their website so you have no excuse not to make this top for yourself right away. Go, do it! After making my first one earlier in the week, I loved it so much I whipped up another one (due to poor planning, in a very similar colour!).

This would be one of those Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants sort of patterns that comes in one size only but somehow manages to fit just about any body type. Bless pattern designers who are able to concoct such brilliance. They say to use a serger, but I sewed it up on a regular machine without problem. I used a stretch twin needle where indicated, but otherwise, just used a regular ballpoint needle and a stretch stitch where they called for a serger. I suppose the raw edges on the inside might bother some people, but I'm fine with them.

I can see already that I'll get a lot of wear out of these tops. I may even have to make myself a third after Selfish Sewing Week wraps up just so I can have one in a different colour!

Big thanks to TDSH who took these photos just moments before we rushed out the door for Abner's birthday party (clever parents that we are, we rented a hall so that we wouldn't have to deal with 10 little girls wrecking havoc in our tiny house). Abner has taken quite an interest in photography lately so we've passed on one of our old cameras to her. She tends to come out and shadow whoever is taking photos around the house, so it's no surprise we had this little audience during the photo shoot. I must say her pictures are getting quite a bit better already!


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