Thursday, 22 May 2014

Around the house: Sewing studio (again)

I seem to move house a lot. That means I have occasion to share photographs of my sewing space quite often. Today, I bring you the most recent incarnation as photographed by my talented friend and colleague, Mel. She needed pics for a photography class she's doing and I hadn't taken any of my new studio just yet so it was a win-win.

Over the years my sewing spaces have varied: a walk-in closet, a mere bedside table, an entire bedroom, a small space masquerading as a bedroom and now, my very own sleep-out. For those of you not familiar with the term, a sleep-out is a detached room separate from the main house. They're fairly common around these parts and usually they house guests, are used for storage or may be rented out as a bedroom. Mine is just for sewing and I love every bit of it...except for the complete lack of insulation and the 1-inch gap under the door that lets in a wicked draft...that, I could do without.

Can we all appreciate for a moment that these next pics shows that I do indeed own and iron...I know how to use it even...yet I am wearing the wrinkliest shirt known to man. Sigh. My mother is cringing as she see these pics, I can assure you.

The last time I posted pictures of my sewing room, people on Pinterest were quick to say that there were probably piles of crap hidden away in other rooms for the photo shoot, or that there's no way my room can stay this neat all the time. Neither is true. The only thing I took out of this room before Mel showed up were a few empty beer bottles and all the cut pattern pieces leftover from Selfish Sewing Week. I have yet to find the perfect storage solution for that sort of thing so, for now, they do usually lay out on the floor. But, yes, most of the time, my space stays this neat and tidy. The pegboard helps, as does being just a little bit OCD. Ahem.

Let me just point out that wee little cross-stitch hanging on the wall in this last pic. It says, "Kim's Room" and I've had it since forever. It used to hang on my bedroom door as a little girl and now I put it up wherever I have my sewing space because it's a space just for me! Say it with me now, "awwww!"

Big thanks to Mel for taking such lovely photos and letting me put them up on the blog!


  1. I love it! And you look so happy. Yay for your very own sleepout! I predict a "draft stopper" sewing project coming up soon.


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