Saturday, 16 November 2013

The thing about craft books

The thing about craft books is that you can never have too many. Am I right? I picked up these two recently on a whim and have been enjoying thumbing through both. I find craft books so inspiring. The projects are always stunning and seam so...attainable in all their glossy glory. I mean come on, they make it look so easy, all perfectly lit, beautifully styled, professionally photographed and, well, complete.

In the Liberty book, I'm particularly liking this Mad Plaid Quilt. I've been struggling with quilt designs lately, and I find the simplicity of this one very appealing.

Ditto for this Seashore Baby Quilt. It reminds me of one of Denyse Schmidt's designs from a few years ago. Sigh. Everything looks so pretty done with Liberty fabrics, doesn't it.

I pretty much bought the Makery book based on this Cuckoo Clock project. A fabric clock? Yes, please!

I've also had my eye on the Hand-carved Rubber Stamps. I'm pretty sure I could figure out how to make these myself, but it's always good to learn from those with more experience. Crafty authors are so good about including helpful tips alongside the basic instructions.

On a somewhat related note, I've made up a few fabric bookmarks which will be on sale at the Northern Artery Christmas Market on November 30. Have you seen these before? They just slip over the corner of your page(s) to mark your spot in a book. Yet another great scrap-busting project.

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