Monday, 4 November 2013

Guess who got a new camera

The Dear Sweet Husband came home with a brand new digital SLR camera the other day - our first proper, grown up camera. Normally, I'd be a wee bit miffed that he spent that much coin without properly discussing it with me (and by "properly discussing" I mean, labouring over the options for at least six weeks). However, I simply can't complain about having this wonderful new toy to play with. I've been snap happy all weekend taking pics of TDSH, Abner and our lovely garden. I've had blog and shop projects piling up to photograph for weeks, now I'm glad I waited. Everything looks so much better with this camera!

Also, for those of you who are digging out from their first snowfalls back in Canada, these pictures are payback for all the taunting I got back in May when it snowed here in Dunedin.


  1. Feels so good to have a decent camera. I'm glad my honey talked me into ours too :) x

  2. Love the garden shot - arugula? Looks soooo green.


    1. Not sure what variety it is, but it's not arugula. We've had our first salads out of the garden this week and they're incredibly flavourful!

  3. That is an absolutely gorgeous shot of Abby. Stunning!

  4. great photos :) x


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