Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Photography scavenger hunt for kids

In the last few days before Abner started school, we were scraping the bottom of the barrel finding ways to stay entertained around the house. I think we were both sick of all the games and books we have and one can only spend so much time at the local library and museums. In a fit of genius, I came up with the idea for a photography scavenger hunt.

I wrote out a list of things for Abner to find around the house and yard. She had to read each item herself before running off to photograph it. Once she'd taken the picture, she had to bring me the camera so that I could see the photo before moving on to the next item on the list. I tried to write multi-word, descriptive clues so that Abner got some good reading practice. As Abner put it, "it's fun and I get to work on my learning skills, too!"

I love that it kept her busy for about an hour as I worked on some sewing. Abner loved it because she got to practice reading, use her digital camera, and she got to proudly show off her photos each time. Here are a few of the photos she took the last time we played:

a favourite book

a pretty quilt

a wooden elephant


  1. What an ingenious idea! Thanks -- we'll try this for sure.

  2. I can't believe she can read already! What a smartie pants! I was thinking about doing something like this with Lila the other day, but the thoughts of drawing out clues was too daunting. Writing a list would be way easier ;)


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