Thursday, 5 April 2012

Painted glass jars

If you're into crafting, you'll agree that it's pretty much impossible to walk out of Value Village without picking up just a little something to work into a project. No? Well, it is for me. So even though it wasn't what I went in for, it's understandable that I should walk out with an assortment of vintage mason jars on a visit to the Village this past weekend. They were pretty on their own, but don't you think they look so much cuter with their insides painted?

If you'd like to make your own, the process was super easy. I used plain old Martha Stewart multi-surface satin acrylic craft paint and a little water. For these jars, I squeezed most of the bottle into the jar and added just enough water to get the paint flowing a bit. Then I just carefully swirled and tipped the jars until each was fully coated right up to the rim.

Don't get carried away adding too much water - too thin and you won't be able to coat the sides very easily; too thick and it'll seem like you don't have enough paint to finish the job. If you do add too much water, just do your first round of swirling, set the jar aside for an hour or so, then repeat your swirling. You'll have to keep doing that until your thinned out paint stops running back down the sides.

Also, when adding the water be sure to add it slowly otherwise you'll create bubbles in the paint - bubbles are bad; smooth paint is what you want. If you do get bubbles, just set the jar down for a bit to let the bubbles subside, then swirl away!


  1. So awesome! Gonna try this.

  2. love them! i have been meaning to do this for ages!

  3. Painting the inside of jars with just acrylic paint does not make them useable for flower in water. The paint will just slough off unless it is cure or one uses enamel paint for glass.

    1. That's a great tip for folks who may want to use them for holding flowers, Margarete. I never intended to fill mine with water, hence the use of acrylic paint. Right now they are holding up some twig art - no water required so they are working out beautifully!


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