Tuesday, 1 May 2012

All hands on deck...

Things have gotten rather busy around here lately (hence my unplanned absence from the blog). The success of the Flock & Gather sale a few weekends ago has translated into hours and hours of sewing in order to get ready for this weekend's True Knit craft sale. Suddenly my little hobby has become a full-time gig with me putting in 30-40 hours a week! Even the youngest in our little family has been recruited to help mommy stuff bunnies. On top of that, one of us is turning four tomorrow so there are parties to plan, cakes to bake, gifts to buy, goody bags to assemble and countless other errands to run.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must step away from the computer and go sew up six more reversible baby dresses and then I will be done!


  1. ahhh, so cute to see your little one helping out...sweet.

  2. glad someone else is in the same boat...
    and i just tell myself that kids love stuffing things. it's like build a bear at home, right?


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