Friday, 9 March 2012

Done and Done! Two new quilts

Let's celebrate this beautiful, sunny weather we've been having here on the prairies with a couple of equally sunny new quilts!

All the multicoloured fabrics on both quilts are from the same fabric collection which, for the life of me, I can't remember the name of. One of these days I'm going to start a fabric journal like a proper quilter! If anyone can refresh my memory, please leave a comment.

This one is my first ever stacked coin quilt. Stacked coin quilts are a rather traditional pattern where equally cut pieces of fabric are stitched together into rows that look like stacks of coins piled on edge, hence the name. This modern take uses pieces of fabric in different widths to get a slightly different, more contemporary look.

The backing is a wickedly vibrant orange flannel. Is anyone else noticing orange everywhere they look? I love it and am so happy to be able to integrate it into a few of my recent quilts.

I picked up on several of the colours in the fabrics for my quilting pattern (circles, as usual). They look nice blended into the brightly coloured fabrics, but I particularly love seeing the stitching on the solid grey at the top of the second quilt. It's given me an idea for another quilt, but I better hold off until I clear through the stack I'm already working on. Only three more to go!

The second quilt was actually the one I started first. I really wanted to try my hand at half-square triangles and chevrons. The zigzag pattern seems to be popping up everywhere these days!

I didn't have enough flannel to finish the back of this one completely so I had to go with a pieced together back using some leftover grey. Not quite as cozy, but still lovely.

Perhaps it's just me, but I think these quilts would make a lovely gift for a set of twins. What do you think?

Additional photos have been posted in my Quilt Gallery on Flickr and on the Milkybeer Handmade Facebook page. Both quilts are now available in my Etsy shop.


  1. This is really lovely - I really like the circles and the thick threads.

  2. Lovely, happy quilts, Kim! I love your style of hand quilting. By the way, the fabric line is Sorbet by Michael Miller.

    1. Thanks, Holly! I even went looking for it at the quilt shop yesterday and it seems to have disappeared. Glad to know what line it is!

    2. Hi Kim! I was in The Cloth Shop today and this fabric line was one of the modern lines they had. I nearly bought the scallop print, I think it was on sale for $13/m because they're moving.

  3. Lovely quilt. I do like your quilting, both the style and the circles. I found your blog via Fat Quarterly ezine and have enjoyed seeing what you have been making. I am now a follower! Di xo

    1. Why thank you, Di! It's nice to have a new follower to the blog.


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