Thursday, 16 February 2012

Preschool + Valentine's Day = Class Party!

The kids at Abner's preschool had a little class party to celebrate Valentine's Day yesterday. Adorable!

Abner scampered off to class decked out in a top with hearts on it, a bobble heart headband and an armload of valentines for her classmates. She was especially proud of her valentines since we'd worked on them together over the days leading up to the party.

I got her to do some drawing on one side of a few sheets of white cardstock paper. The only instruction I gave was to try to fill up most of the paper so there wasn't much white showing anymore. Then, I stacked those sheets with some cute red polka dot paper I had on hand and cut out some heart shapes with my pinking shears.

Here's a tip if you want to try this yourself: staple the sheets of paper together first so that they won't shift while you're cutting. Cutting through six layers of cardstock is tricky, so the staples really help keep things together.

The rest of the project was pretty easy. I just matched up one polka dot heart with one of the hearts Abner coloured and stitched around the heart leaving about a .25" seam allowance and an opening to fill the packets. I went with a pretty short stitch length hoping that would make it easier for the little kids to rip into their little package of goodies.

I stuffed each packet with about a dozen organic jelly beans that I found at my new favourite grocery store in Regina: dad's organic market. I'm sure the candies were a hit with all the kids (if not the parents).

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