Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Goodies by mail

I think there should be some law which says posties can only put junk mail in your mailbox if they are also delivering some real, actual mail. Wouldn't that be nice? I'm SOOOO tired of checking the mailbox only to find irrelevant junk. What a pleasure it was last week to find each of these gems instead!

First up was a little pin I commented on on a friend's blog a few weeks back. She was kind enough to pop it in the mail for me! How sweet is that?!

Almost the next day, this little bundle of fabric arrived from the UK. It's two fat quarters of  the Long Thread's Quilt Blocks fabric sent to me by Katy over at Fat Quarterly. I'm participating in one of their designer challenges and hope to make something FABULOUS out of this fabric in the next few weeks.

They've had some amazing projects/designers featured on their blog, so there's no pressure or anything. Gulp.

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