Monday, 5 December 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This weekend we took our first trip to the Mackenzie Art Gallery for their Holiday Celebration event. The experience was fantastic! Not only did we get to explore the exhibits, but we also enjoyed music from the local Regina Symphony Orchestra and a local choral ensemble.

The crew from Articulate Ink brought along a teeny tiny printing press for the kids [and, ahem, perhaps some of the parents] to print their very own Christmas cards.

We also got our craft on and made some ornaments for our as yet unpurchased Christmas tree. We're so excited to be able to get a REAL tree this year! We've lived in apartments that ban live trees for soooo long, this is going to be such a treat!

Abner got to have a little chat with this "helper" Santa. Much like last year, we couldn't get her to actually sit on his knee like all the other kids. Maybe next year.

My favourite was definitely the sleigh ride. Who doesn't love a sleigh ride? Okay, it would have been better if the temperature hadn't been somewhere near -15 C (which feels like -30 with the windchill), but with so many people jammed on the cart, the body heat actually kept us quite warm. I also could have done without being pulled through a patch of bushes. Even still, it was a great ride.

It was a two-horse open sleigh in case you're wondering.

With so many awesome things packed into one afternoon, what do you think was Abner's favourite?

The choral group. Grandma...are you beaming with pride?

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  1. sounds like a fantastic, magical christmas already! love to you and your family@:)


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