Friday, 16 December 2011

Around the house: Abner's room

One more stop on our tour around the house: Abner's room. Apart from my sewing room, I think this is my favourite room in our little house on the prairie. We've tried to keep most of the toys and such out of the bedroom and down in the playroom so that it doesn't get too cluttered, but you can always find books and puzzles aplenty in here.

The Dear Sweet Husband's boyhood stuffie, BoJo, holds a place of honour atop the bookcase. He's seen better days so Abner's pretty good about being gentle with him. The family friends who originally gave BoJo to TDSH also gave Abner her own stuffed monkey when she was born. BoJo Jr. sees a lot of play time and is, according to Abner, her "best monkey."

You may have spotted a rather odd item on the bookcase. Yup, that's a picture of Terry and Betty Fox right there. My dad has organized the annual Terry Fox run back home for the past few years. When he and mom came to visit back in October, they brought along this card for Abner as a memento of her first Terry Fox run. Doesn't every three-year-old have a picture of Terry Fox in their room?

Putting things up on the wall was so much fun since I finally had a chance to put up a bunch of pieces that never made it up in our old place. I believe this cross stitch was done by my grandma back in the day. The silhouette was a project I did when Abner was about nine months old. Abner herself took the picture of the was the very first photo she ever took. All together this wall of pictures makes me very happy!

My grandparents' rocker also made it into the room. The cushion cover I made is looking a little saggy these days, but I still love the colour. So cheery! Abner chose her own bedroom when we moved in and thanks to a giant blue spruce in the front yard, it happens to be the darkest room on the main floor. The bright chair really perks you up in an otherwise dim room.

For now Abner is still in her little toddler bed. I kind of wish she could stay in it a while longer because this room is going to get very crowded when she moves up to a twin!

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