Sunday, 23 October 2011

Quilt preview: Inspired by a vinyl tablecloth?

It's true. The beautiful quilt I am working on was inspired by a rather uninspiring Superstore vinyl tablecloth.

The uninspiring tablecloth as it appeared earlier this year at Abner's birthday party.

We pull that tablecloth out from time to time when Abner wants to do a little painting at the kitchen table. As I sat at the table with her a few weeks ago, the repeating pattern caught my eye and I realized it would be easy to recreate as a quilt.

At the fabric store, this cute Kate Spain fabric became the launching off point for the rest of the fabrics and colours. I believe it's from her Central Park line as are several of the other fabrics I went with (it wasn't on purpose, I didn't realize until I got them home).

Besides the Kate Spain, I think the Robert Kaufman Quilter's Linen is my favourite. I've used it as a solid to tie all the other colours together.

The quilt is almost done...will post more pics once finished!

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