Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A new look for Milkybeer

Remember way back in February when I said, "bartering is not dead"? I said as much because I'd traded my sewing services for a little bit of design work from a friend (designers...good friends to have).

She got a beautiful custom-made duvet for her son, and well, one baby (that was the designer, not me) and one move to Saskatchewan later, I finally get to show you the other half of that trade: an awesome new banner for the blog!

The new banner was a great excuse to freshen up the layout and design of the blog. Of all the designs this blog has seen over the years, I think this is my favourite. I love how she took the stitching details from my quilts and integrated it into the banner!

Exciting times around here, I tell ya. There's more to come though. Stay tuned!


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