Thursday, 30 December 2010

It's a Christmas picture post!

Christmas with a toddler is a magical when we went to the mall first thing in the morning to see Santa, Abner kept repeating, "My Santa, my Santa, my Santa is coming! There's my Santa!" as she saw him walking down the hall to the photo set. Whenever she sees other Santas now, she informs us, "They're not my Santa."

Here is just a small selection of the slew of photos we've taken this Christmas...Happy holidays!

A carousel ride at Burnaby Heritage Village...this is going to be a tradition for sure!

Making a cornucopia to fill with treats and hang on the tree.

Visiting Father Christmas...but not wanting to get too close (wasn't her Santa, after all).

Petting the reindeer at the Burnaby Heritage Village. Love that place.

Abner made gingersnaps with TDSH and put them out with milk and carrots for Santa on Christmas Eve...Santa is one lucky guy...the extras I ate were fantastic!

Despite years to the contrary growing up, we are definitely a gifts before breakfast kind of family!

Calling Santa to thank him for the gifts. She decided to do that all on her own! How adorable is that?!?!?

And for mommy, a thread organizer, shears and a new bathroom reader (it's tradition, don't ask).

We also managed to get in a short walk on the dyke before dinner at my aunt's place.

The whole family came out to celebrate, play games and, more importantly, eat together.

My brother brought along a game he made recently that was a total blast.

The obligatory cousins-in-matching-pajamas shots.

And finally, the adorable cousins-in-matching-hats shot. Thanks Grandma & Grandpa!

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