Sunday, 5 September 2010

September is a challenging month

A couple of days ago I posted this on my Facebook page:

Personal challenge of the month: No eating out for the entire month of September. This includes going out for coffee, ordering in and buying lunch at work. It does not include going to dinner at a friend's place or attending catered functions. Let's see how I do.

Why make such a declaration on Facebook? Well, they (whoever *they* are) say you stand a better chance of accomplishing a goal if you share it with others (hence me bringing it up here too). I'd like to believe it's just that easy.

Whether or not it will help in the end, I have gotten a surprising number of comments about this challenge. Some don't see it as much of a challenge at all. Others think I'm crazy to even attempt such a feat. On the whole though, most think it's a great idea and some are even joining me (yay Denise!).

So, why the heck am I doing it in the first place? It's not like we ate out for dinner even once a week on a regular basis. And other than a recent 2-month love affair with coffee, I've never really had a cup-a-day Starbucks habit. What I had started to notice was that each of the individual *treats* I did allow myself was starting to add up: a dinner out here, a coffee there, a chocolate bar and pop a day (thanks enabler!) and the occasional lunch in the cafeteria at work meant that my weekly spending money wasn't going very far (conversely, my waistline has been going a whole lot further!).

Now here I am four days into the challenge and so far so good. My snacking has declined and I've been drinking a lot more tea at the office. In fact, we spent most of the morning out of the house today and I was able to get by without caving in and purchasing a little sumpin sumpin just to hold me over to lunch.

My strategy for the rest of the month will be to ensure I always have a snack on hand and that there is always a carton of soup at the office (for those days I don't feel like eating the lunch I brought from home). Who knows, I may just save a few bucks and lose a pound or two along the way!

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