Friday, 13 August 2010

This grey dress's not much to look at, but I am quite excited about this dress, so please bear with me.

Why am I so excited about a rather shapeless, overly long, plain grey dress? Well, you see, this dress used to be one of my very own t-shirts and now it fits Abner perfectly!

Do you see why I'm so excited yet? No? Let me spell it out for you...I'm excited because I didn't use any pattern whatsoever (side note: I love words that are actually multiple words smushed together). Get it now?!

I cut down the neck, shoulders and fit new sleeves all on my own. I didn't even measure for Pete's sake! I just ran my rotary cutter over the t-shirt and said, "that looks about right", sewed it up, and voila...perfect fit! Sleeves, people! I made perfect sleeves without a pattern!!!

OK, I think I can calm down now. At the moment the sash is just a scrap of fabric I had left over from the anniversary quilt. But, I hope to make a slightly more colourful version soon.


  1. that is delightful! way to know your sewing and the size of your kid! ;-) i hope some of your perfect-sleeviness rubs off on me one day.

  2. by the way, the word verification was "abicarba" which is totally the perfect thing to say when mysterious pasta arrives on my plate.

  3. @miranda
    Speaking of sleeves, I just ran into that sleeve problem on the dressing gown pattern I borrowed from you...ugh. Way to slow a project down, stupid pattern!

  4. @Heavy Petal
    Glad you like it Andrea! One of these days I'm going to get you sewing for your own little one!


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