Sunday, 8 August 2010

It's a picture post!

Just a few of my favorite pics from last weekend's adventure to the Kootenays...which was essentially an exact repeat of last year's adventure...this time with less road rash, more black eye (sorry no pics). Suffice it to say that she encountered an obstacle as she fell out of the hotel bed in Osoyoos at 2 o'clock in the morning. Anyhow...

This is how Abner entertained herself for a good 15 whole minutes in the car. We've been finding stickers in the car all week now.
The funny part is that she was terrified of this bear last year.
She loved creeping up on the ground squirrels (or marmots...whatever they're called).
First swim of the trip, in Lake Osoyoos.
A return visit to one of my favorite places on earth...the Kettle Valley River.
The cousins watching the waterfall in Nelson while the parents were off at the farmer's market.
Enjoying the streetcar in Nelson. It travels through a lovely lakeside park and a massive lakeside parking lot. That, my friends, is the absurdity of the Nelson waterfront.
Presenting my parents with their anniversary quilt...which I hear is now nestled in its new home atop their bed!
The cousins posing at the beach in Trail. An absolutely gorgeous spot for a visit.
The reason we went to Trail...the dinner special at the Colander: a bun, salad, pasta with tomato sauce and meatballs (larger than a golf ball), roasted potatoes and chicken. Yum. Abner ate more than me.
In a fit of desperation we gave Abner a harmonica to try to entertain her in the car. It worked. She actually got quite good after a bit!
My personal favorite photo...playing in the water at Bromley Rock. Would have been a great place to swim for a few hours if it hadn't been so cold!
Another encounter with wildlife, this time in Princeton...a lovely little town if you've never been.
It was a fantastic trip all around! I wish I could spend more time visiting all the cute road-side attractions, little shops, swimming holes and other places...I guess we'll just have to do this trip for a third time next year!


  1. Kim- I love your photographic account of your trip to the Kootenays.My personal photo favourite is the one of the 3 cousins at the Trail Beach. I need a copy of that one.All the other photos are great too!I agree --- the whole experience of our time in the Kootenays was fabulous. Maybe we will do it a third time next year!

  2. looks like a fantastic trip and a great collection of photos @:)

  3. Ah, these pics bring back memories of all my family's summer road trips. I love Bromley Rock!

  4. @grandma janIf we ever get around to printing more photos, I'll be sure to grab that one for you.

  5. @Heavy Petal
    It was such a bummer that it was sooooo cold that day. I'd really been looking forward to a swim there.


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