Tuesday, 4 May 2010

First haircut: The ultimate DIY project

We finally did it. After almost exactly two years, we FINALLY cut Abner's hair. It went amazingly well in no small part because she's used to having someone tug, comb and play with her hair each and every morning. She didn't exactly keep her head still the entire time, but thankfully, her curly hair is quite forgiving of any unevenness.

TDSH did a great job documenting the event and I've kept a baggie of the clippings for posterity (only mildly creepy, right?).


  1. Wow, look at how long it was, once you straighten out all those curls! She looks even more adorable!

  2. wow, what a little cutie and you're right, she's even more adorable@:) love that documentation@:)

  3. Awesome. Now we will hire you to come by and take care of Linnea's craziness... You are quite multi-talented, Kim!

  4. Thanks for saying such nice things about her haircut. I was very worried about how it would turn out.


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