Sunday, 10 January 2010

An awesome day all around!

Today we headed out to White Rock for a little grandparent time, a tasty breakfast and lunch as well as to do some laundry. Yes, I still do some of my laundry at my parents. Can you blame me? It costs $3 to do a load in our building. That adds up to some serious coin!

Since Abner surprised us earlier this week by peeing on the toilet for the first time (yay Abner!), Mom and I went on a little thrifting mission to buy a potty training seat. On our way to the second-hand kid's store, we discovered the Peace Arch Hospital Auxiliary Superfluity Shop. We knew it was a good shop because it was packed with both people and stuff. I couldn't help buying a little knick knack for Abner's room. It's a ceramic letter "a" that perfectly matches her room. I'm in love with it even if it serves no other function than looking cute. I will post a picture later...can't do it now because Abner is sleeping and I'm not about to attempt to get it out of her room right now.
UPDATE: Remembered to grab the "a" out of her room today and took a pic. Cute, isn't it?

Once we finally made it to the kid's store not only did we find one potty training seat, but we found TWO potty training seats AND they were half price! So I bought both and left one for mom's house for when we visit. Score! The fact that Abner started crying and was scared of it the moment I put her on one has diminished my excitement just a wee bit.

On the way home after our bountiful morning, we stopped by Fabricana and I bought about $50 worth of notions so I can actually finish a bunch of projects I have on the go (if only in my head). I was given Amanda Blake Soule's "Handmade Home" for Christmas and have been inspired to try out a few new patterns including this adorable pillowcase dress [scroll up once the page opens to see the best picture of the dress]. It's so frustrating to have a book like this in the house when you know you don't have the materials to actually make anything out of it. I am a very happy camper now that I have nine new spools of thread, five packages of bias tape, a dozen new wood buttons and some twill tape (Note to twill tape manufacturers - you need to make MORE COLOURS!)

The only bad parts of my day have been getting up at 5:30 (thankyouverymuch Abner) and TDSH getting a wicked cold. I best end this post and retire the laptop for the night so he can get some rest.


  1. delightful! i hope abner gets over the potty fear - imagine if we never did? oh, adult diapers would make a killing. ;-) we need to buy a potty insert for coco since he has been eschewing his ikea potty for dry trips to perch on rim of the big one...

    for cute twill tape, drool a bit over the japanese ones from kokka etc over at purl:

    cute! (and pricey...)

  2. That dress looks adorable! I hope you find the perfect pillowcase for it!

  3. that is a beautiful letter "a". makes me want to reach out and touch it!

    love that dress... i think i could make on for myself;0


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