Tuesday, 3 November 2009

One scary holiday, two silly costumes

As a raging sugar fan, I absolutely love Halloween. As much as I loved the holiday as a kid, I am now convinced that it is even better as an adult - especially as an adult with a small child who is too young to eat her own candy!

After the cuteness of Abner's first Halloween, I was really looking forward to dressing her up this year. I picked up adorable costume #1 from a colleague at work. It didn't last long, but while she was in it, Abner was a very cute little singing frog.

Apparently after about 10 minutes at daycare, she got tired of wearing it and ripped the thing off - destroying the zipper in the process....which brings us to adorable costume #2...a bee (ha!)

Check out the cutie-pitutie stinger!

We opted to join our neighbours and head to the nearby mall for our first taste of trick-or-treating. Let me tell you, we won't be doing that again. Take the madness of Boxing Day shopping, shrink everyone down to knee level, jack them up on candy and you pretty much have a picture of what it's like to be at the mall on Halloween. Crowded and crazy though it was, it was still a blast. The girls were adorable.

After the mall, I joined up with some other friends for some more traditional trick-or-treating around their neighbourhood. Little Abner got so much loot her bag was overflowing and I had to stuff treats into my pockets and use the sling I'd brought along to carry her in to stash all the bags of potato chips!

And now, here we are two days later and most of the candy is gone. I am already looking forward to next year.

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  1. Wow, Abby ate all her candy already?!?! Come on over for a top up! A candy-jacked Logan isn't much fun, so he's willing to share! And I'm trying to not gain back the 7lbs I lost with this flu/pneumonia thing I got going on!
    I will send you the pic of you and Abby on the front steps soon! Thanks for keeping hubs company!


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