Monday, 19 October 2009

A budding romance perhaps?

Cole: "Hiya Abner!"
Abner: "Oh hi Cole. Funny bumping into you here. You're looking rather dashing standing there right by that stick."

Abner: "Here Cole, there's a little something in your eye...let me just lean in here and get that for you."

Abner: "Now how about a little hug for my troubles?!"

Cole: "I'm sorry Abner, I just don't feel that way about you. Back off! I need my own space."

Cole: "Moooommmmyyyyy, Abner touched me!!!"
Abner: "What? Did I do it wrong?"


  1. oh my god, this is the funniest series ever! love love love!

    cole may be coming around though - he said "abby" many times while we were in ontario. ;-) there's hope for that arranged marriage!

  2. cutest thing I've seen today (til the next blog)


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