Saturday, 8 August 2009


Oh my. My never-ending quilt project has taken a turn for the worst. Actually, it took a turn for the worse about six months ago, I just never got around to mentioning it to you all.

My approach was to sew all of my fabric into one long strip, cut even lengths and then sew those together to make up the main quilt. Unfortunately, that is not exactly what I did and the resulting mess has been sitting neglected across the back of a couch ever since.

The lengths of strips I cut were all different lengths so the edges of the quilt are completely uneven - by about eight inches from one side to the other.

To make it even worse, I sewed each strip together in exactly the same direction and somehow the resulting quilt now curves quite noticeably.

Bottom line is, I can no longer ignore this quilting catastrophe. The magic quilting fairies will not be showing up anytime soon to fix my mistakes. So as of this evening - I'm ripping the strips apart to start all over again.

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