Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Hairdresser, you ain't!

Daycare Lady makes us pull Abner's hair back every day. So each morning Abner and I sit down on the couch and she watches a few moments of TV while I get the job done.

A few weeks ago, TDSH kindly offered to give it a try and as you can see from the photo - Abner was as horrified as I was at the thought.

It started out so promising...she sat still for the most part...

Even had a smile on her face as TSDH tugged at her hair, mumbling something about getting the clippers under his breath.

Sadly, our worst fears were almost-PhD in Geography does not prepare one to do hair.


  1. hilarious! good try sean - a for effort.

    it could be worse - he could have had scissors!

  2. what a great sport sean...


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